Luanda, Angola
22 Jun 2015 - 03 Jul 2015


Binelde Hyrcan, L’Orgie, 2015, © Binelde Hyrcan

The 4th Edition of the daytime Art Residency ”NATIONAL (YAA)” or “Young Angolan Artists” will take place from June 22nd to July 3rd 2015 – 10 days / two weeks in total – with the participation of the following nine Angolan Artists: Kiana, Marco Kabenda, Marta Xirica, Massalo, Binelde Hyrcan (who ?s work is currently present at the Angolan Pavillion at the Venice Biennale), Ngola Casaca, Babu Babu, Pedro Pires and Toy Boy

These nine artists or ’YAAs’ shall tackle the use and recycling of disposable materials BUT in particular conceptual recycling as they create two installations each. In all, 18 installations shall be created in a multidisciplinary environment, and two Collective Exhibitions shall be held: on July 7th (tuesday), in UNAP / Siexpo (downtown Luanda), and on July 23rd at the Academia BAI (Morro Bento )

An installation is often seen as a sculpture which inhabits and appropriates a three- dimensional space and life. This environment habitually “requires” the direct participation of the spectator in exploring the work by moving his/her body in between the object, in a kind of ”mise-en-scène”. In participating in the “NATIONAL (YAA)” residence our hope is that the Artists themselves go through a process of cognitive and creative recycling, even artistic rejuvenation after the two week period. The fact being that in Angola residencies are few and far between

The 4th Edition of this pladorm has Joana Taya as Curator, and Patronage from Angomotors, BFA, NCR Angola and UNITEL. Production is by Adriano Maia Internacional, Lda, and Support provided by Fundação Arte e Cultura, UNAP, Academia BAI and Printlab



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