Call for applications

2021 Yango II Biennial

Yango Biennial, Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic Of The
Deadline: 31 January 2021

2021 Yango II Biennial

In Kinshasa, a dense, multi-faceted, active contemporary art scene is capturing the call of the present. Yango Biennial, founded in 2014 by artist Kiripi Katembo, advocates a specific format for its second edition, playing with the non-determinations of the idea of “contemporary art” – to support a multiplicity of art forms.

This second edition is not limited to one single event in space and time. It is diffracted, to defend the ideal of a shape-changing, processual Biennial, capable of asserting itself as a social force. It travels from district to district, striding over sites where dreams are awakened. By affirming Kinshasa’s centrality to the planetary art scene, Yango II creates a resonance – and a reasoning – between the Kinshasan, Congolese situation and other contemporary conditions. Half reprise, half new beginning, this second edition blends the disobedient histories of art and thinking in Congo and the worlds surrounding it. Its rallying cry is “Tokozela Lobi Te – We Will not Await Tomorrow.”

(For further information on the conceptual guidelines, click here: Curatorial statement)

The Yango II Biennial will reach the city of Kinshasa from November 5 to December 5, 2021. The open call for applications from artists who wish to participate will be open until January 31th, 2021.


Applicants must submit an application file online. Click here.

Your application file must include :

1. the application form

2. CV, with photo (max. 2 pages per proposal)

3. a scan of a passport valid through 2022 (optional)

4. a proposal for a project, new or existing, in PDF format, limited to 10 pages. The document must contain:

  • a clear and concise description of the proposal, its goals and motivations for participation
  • a technical description of the project. In the case of existing projects, please specify: the medium, dimensions, materials, the value of the piece and insurance*, and addresses of the places of origin and delivery.
  • a realistic production budget, indicating co-financing possibilities.
  • images that illustrate the project or make it possible to imagine it.

5. applicant’s portfolio and biography.

6. five high-resolution images (300 dpi for 30 × 50 cm) of recent pieces (owned by the artist) with their technical data (artist’s name, title of the piece, date of creation, medium, dimensions).

* This criteria doesn’t concern the artworks produced and present in the DRC.


Selection criteria

The degree of adequacy of the project with the conceptual axes of the biennial constitutes the determining criteria for the selection of the candidatures to participate in the biennial.

The Biennial will inform only the applicants whose proposals have been selected.

If the application file does not meet the above description it won’t be evaluated.


For any additional information please contact : Hélène Ballis, coordinator :


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