C& Artists' Editions #2

ruby onyinyechi amanze

skies on my left and skies beneath my feet. the pools, open. the windows, transport, 2020



Digital pigment and silkscreen print with gold leaf and pen on Somerset Velvet 330 gsm paper. 61 x 45.7 cm.


Variable edition of 30, each unique, signed and numbered.

Launch price from €350 – €550, excluding VAT (works are priced individually)


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For her C& edition, ruby onyinyechi amanze has created a series of 30 unique prints, each with hand applied elements by the artist. The prints include motifs such as birds, swimming pools and windows. Birds move across a sky which is opened up and rearranged, gold-leaf outlines the shape of a swimming pool, underpinned by a glossy indigo brush mark: amanze is interested in the quiet play between these elements and their ability, once combined to alter the perception of space.

amanze’s interventions include hand drawn architectural details, which subtly shift perspective. At times she adds collage, or cuts and repositions the paper, or flips the orientation of the print. Small and perhaps unexpected gestures disrupt the surface, layers of iridescent ink create pools of colour and light.


ruby onyinyechi amanze (b. 1982, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria; based in Philadelphia) is a visual artist whose practice is primarily centred around drawing and works on paper. In a non-linear and fluid narrative, her large scaled drawings explore space, play, magic and hybridity.

amanze’s imagery includes a vocabulary of just seven motifs; “ada (ada the Alien), audre (audre the Leopard), motorcycles, the paper, windows/architectural references, swimming pools and birds”. For amanze these motifs are equal, interchangeable tools with which to orchestrate, manipulate and construct an illogical, magical, space.


Please note that prices will increase as the edition sells out.
This edition will be ready for delivery in 4 weeks.


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