Milan, Italy


lettera27 is a non-profit foundation headquartered in Milan, Italy, and created in July 2006. The foundation considers education and access to the new technologies and information to be a basic prerequisite to membership in a global community.

The mission of lettera27 is to see to it that people all over the world have a right to literacy and education, free access to information and the exchange of information. This is intended to place women and men, particularly in developing countries, in a position to improve their living conditions on a social, economic and cultural level. With this purpose in mind, lettera27 designs, plans and leads cultural initiatives and events in the arts that deal with writing, reading and paper as the primary media of information, and with the use of new media and promotion of dialogue through the Internet. lettera27 also collects donations with which to support educational and research projects of local institutions, organisations and individuals undertaken in pursuit of the same objectives. Through financial support and the foundation’s open structure – characterised by a sharing of responsibilities, authorities and areas of competence among advisors, experts and supporters – existing resources are strengthened, intermediaries on site assisted and an interactive dialogue with cultural and social stakeholders stimulated.


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