Den Haag, Netherlands



HIVOS (Humanist Institute for Development and Cooperation) is a Dutch organisation for cooperative development inspired by humanist values that promotes emancipation, democracy and the advancement of human rights while combating poverty in developing countries.

Cooperation with local organisations plays a key role in this effort. HIVOS offers financial and political support to more than 800 local, private organisations in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeastern Europe. These organisations’ activities revolve around the political and social themes that are important for HIVOS: economics and credit opportunities, culture and art, women and development, sustainability, human rights and AIDS. HIVOS strengthens local organisations not only by providing capital but also through knowledge and contacts. HIVOS maintains offices in Zimbabwe, India, Costa Rica and Indonesia that play a major role in the orientation of the organisation, maintaining contact with local partner organisations while advising and assisting them. Working with local organisations, HIVOS attempts to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world, a world in which women and men have equal access to resources and equal opportunities for development. As a cooperation partner, HIVOS is part of a large number of networks, including Arts Collaboratory and Arterial Network.



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