Cape Town, South Africa

Heinrich Boell Foundation / Cape Town

Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Heinrich Boell Foundation has been active in Southern Africa since 1989. For many years, the work of the Foundation has emphasised the provision of support to stakeholders in civil society in the region. Today, the Foundation is a reliable point of contact for political education, and for regional and international networking. It also provides analyses of contemporary political events in the region.

The Foundation has had its office in Cape Town since 2007, where it is more active at the interface between civil society and parliaments. It promotes constructive exchange and contact between non-governmental organisations and democratic institutions. This is how it contributes to meaningful participation in the democratic process on the part of civil society, and to acceptance of the ideals of democracy. The Heinrich Boell Foundation is dedicated to advancing open and tolerant political culture in Namibia and Zimbabwe as well.The Foundation’s work in Southern Africa consists of three programmes: ‘Transparency and Participation’, ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Human Rights and Political Rights’. The regional office is also active in the area of international South-South cooperation.


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