Cape Town, South Africa

Arterial Network

Arterial Network is a dynamic network of non-government organisations, institutions, companies of the creative economy, festivals as well as individual artists and protagonists from the African cultural sector.

It was founded in 2007 during the conference “Revitalising Africa’s Cultural Assets” on Goree Island in Senegal. Today, 28 countries are represented within Arterial Network. The network has its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa, additional regional chapters are currently in Mali and Kenya. Arterial Network’s vision is to develop a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable African creative sector engaged in improving the living and working conditions of artists and cultural practitioners on the African continent and enhancing the quality in the arts. And within the cultural dimension of development, Arterial Network wants to initiate processes contributing to the implementation of human rights and democracy, and to the eradication of poverty on the African continent. With this aim, Arterial Network organises events, conferences and educational programs throughout Africa. The network is supported by the DOEN Foundation, the European Union and HIVOS among others.



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