Cape Town, South Africa

Africa Centre

The Africa Centre based in Cape Town, South Africa is focused on exploring how Pan-African cultural practice can be a catalyst for social change.

The centre was established in 2005 as an international centre for creativity, artistic excellence and intellectual engagement. The institution’s social innovations extend across the African continent. The Africa Centre offers a variety of programmes, including Artists in Residency, Badalisha Poetry X-Change, Everyday African Urbanism, Infecting the City, Talking Heads, and WikiAfrica.

In their different artistic approaches, all programmes celebrate and encapsulate what it means to be in Africa today and what is conceivable for 21st-century Africans. The aim is to replace clichés with more realistic perspectives on everyday life in Africa. The Africa Centre offers alternative approaches to the challenges of this life, developing new solutions and conceiving models which can then be introduced to the wider public via art.


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