Newsletter 25. Oktober

Guy Wouete, ‘Next Week’, Multimedia-Installation, 2010. © Guy Wouete


This week on C&:


C& met the artists Guy Wouete and Serge Alain Nitegeka to talk about the context of migratory experiences in their work, and the tragedy of Lampedusa:

Guy Wouete: “My first reaction towards this huge tragedy was shame, shame for us (as human beings) for letting this tragedy happen again and again. Shame, because the context of the global economy in which we’re living does not have any humanity, humility or faith. …”

Our author Rebecca Jagoe took a look at the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London:

“For while there may be recent increased interest in art from Africa, there seems an overall hesitancy in considering these practitioners on the critical plane of contemporary art; further, perhaps, there is residual terror that critique will become patronising, or render artists as anthropological subjects. For the gallery owners, artists and those supporting the contemporary scenes across Africa, this leaves little alternative but to strike out alone; thus, last week saw the launch of 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Somerset House, London.”


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