Newsletter 14. Februar 2014

Ray Daniels Okeugo, Foreman 1.



*C&* will be media partner of the leading international art fair Art Dubai taking place March 19-22, 2014.



We are very honoured and humbled that members of the artist collective  Gugulective  bid farewell to fellow artist Unathi Sigenu in their very own words on C&.


Massa Lemu talks with London-based artist and author Samson Kambalu about a series of videos featuring playful, site-specific performances, which the artist calls ‘rants’, or ‘psycho-geographical  Nyau  cinema’.

Kambalu has been selected to participate in the  international exhibition of this year’s Dak’Art.


Emmanuel Iduma pays tribute to Nollywood actor and photographer Ray Daniels Okeugo by taking a closer look at his work in motion in the light of the travelling project Invisible Borders.



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