Newsletter 13 October 2014



Hot off the presses and on its way to various locations including Kampala, Lagos, Addis, London, and Berlin. Featuring Kampala’s art festival, a new mega-museum to be built in Cape Town, and a latest round of C&’s Inside the Library series.


C& talks to artist and researcher Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa whose work investigates representation of late colonialism in East Africa.

Curator Katrin Peters-Klaphake describes how a contemporary art festival in Kampala has grown and developed.

Our author Dominic Muwanguzi talks to the team behind this year’s Kampala Contemporary Art festival, KLA ART 014: Violet Nantume, project manager at 32° East; Phillip Balimunsi, visual artist; Moses Serubiri, arts writer and critic; Robinah Nansubuga, project manager at 32° East; and Hasifah Mukyala, gallerist, Makerere Art Gallery.


Hansi Momodu-Gordon sees some interesting links between the opening of the Archive’s purpose-built space in London and the arrival of Black Artists in British Art: A History from 1950 to the Present by Eddie Chambers.

Our author Basia Lewandowska Cummings takes a closer look at leading-edge organizations, platforms, and young artists championing digital art and technologies.


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