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C&’s Highlights of 2021 You Might Have Missed

From the restitution of the Benin Bronzes to the overdue celebration of female artists from Africa; these are some of our most read articles in 2021.

C&’s Highlights of 2021 You Might Have Missed


The Benin Bronzes Restitution

A View from Nigeria

We asked 9 art professionals from the Nigerian art scene for their thoughts on the meaning of Germany returning the Benin bronzes in 2022.

White Label

How Warhol Erased the Identity of His Black Trans Sitters

Art historian Gürsoy Doğtaş analyses the power imbalances between Warhol and his BIPoC queer and trans sitters of lower Manhattan

Image above: Marsha P.Johnson (left) and Sylvia Rivera (right) at Gay Pride Parade, 1973. Photo: Leonard Fink. From the film “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson”, Netflix, 2017. Courtesy Netflix.

In Conversation

Minia Biabiany: Choreography of the Archipelago

In her work, artist Minia Biabiany from the French-speaking Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, examines the colonial dynamics between France and its overseas territories. C& América Latina spoke with her about the artistic creation process from within her Caribbean reality, about the nature of the island and the colonial crimes committed against it.

Design in Westafrica

Worldforming by Ghanaian Women in Architecture

For three generations of women born between Ghana’s independence in 1957 and the turn of the century, architecture has served as an unparalleled incubation platform for worldforming possibilities.

Latifah Idriss, Photograph awall drawing, © Latifah Idriss

Make Techno Black Again

The Exhibition TECHNO Reveals Institutional Blind Spots

Art historian Jamila Moroder argues that an exhibition in Bolzano, Italy, disconnects techno from its Black heritage, and suggests we take a more complex view.

Digital Art

What Are NFTs and What Do They Mean for BIPOC Artists?

NFT art has recently sold for millions, heralding a new age of opportunity for some and loss for others. Tash Moore looks at what a selection of BIPOC artists are doing about it.

Lizzy Aroloye, Alien Girl Loading, from series transcending. Courtesy the artist.

In Conversation

Disrupting the Archives with Renée Akitelek Mboya

Magnus Rosengarten spoke to the curator, who lives in Nairobi, about tracing an anti-racist Berlin student protest from 1966 among the German archives.

“Auf Deutsch”

Deborah Joyce Holman – Unless: The Potential of Subtle Acts of Refusal

We spoke to Swiss artist Deborah Joyce Holman about the key aspects of her poetic docufiction work.

Deborah-Joyce Holman, Unless (2021), Film Still. Yara Dulac Gisler & Deborah Joyce Holman. Courtesy of the artists

Celebrating Female Pioneers

Where are the Women Image-Makers in African History?

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, our author Ethel-Ruth Tawe looks toward the continent to spy out female image-makers and their pioneering spirit.

In Conversation

Christelle Oyiri: As a DJ, I see Myself as a Healing Figure

We speak with the Paris-based multidisciplinary artist and DJ about her practice of easing pain and cataloging as a means of maintaining dignity.

Christelle Oyiri. Photo: Lucid Interval.



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