Amoako Boafo Launches dot.ateliers in Accra

The artist opens a residency space with a gallery, studio, café and art library, designed by Sir David Adjaye OM OBE to support the country's art scene.

(left) Amoako Boafo. Photo Robert Wedemeyer. (right) The exterior of dot.ateliers in Accra, image courtesy of Edem J. Tamakloe.

(left) Amoako Boafo. Photo Robert Wedemeyer. (right) The exterior of dot.ateliers in Accra, image courtesy of Edem J. Tamakloe.

Amoako Boafo opened dot.ateliers, a revolutionary artistic space in Accra, Ghana. Designed by Sir David Adjaye OBE OM the space is built and developed with sustainability and the next generation of artists in mind.

Founded by acclaimed contemporary artist Amoako Boafo, and designed by award-winning architect Sir David Adjaye OBE, dot.ateliers has been created with the vision to cultivate an ecologically-responsive and community-oriented destination within the community. The monolithic three-story structure features a gallery, studio, café, art library, office and external generator yard, and was conceived as an “architectural tool” for rethinking the possibilities of sustainable design within its waterfront neighborhood – the low carbon footprint building is defined by a signature sawtooth roof, while the gallery level is bathed in natural diffused light cultivating an ideal environment for art display. The opening of the space speaks to Boafo’s desire to strengthen the scope for art venues in his hometown.

“Artists bring so much value to the world and don’t ask for much in return except for support in the form of spaces and materials to create and freedom to experiment with their creativity and maybe recognition to crown it all. It has always been a passion of mine to support artists, especially those from the continent and those in the diaspora as a whole. Hopefully a little assistance from us all can help grow their talents, add value to themselves and their works, thus allowing them to continue adding value to the world.” – Amoako Boafo

To launch the space, dot.ateliers hosts its inaugural exhibition HOMEGROWN to run from December 17th 2023 January 15th 2023.

HOMEGROWN is a solo exhibition of work by Amoako Boafo, curated by Nigerian-British curator, Aindrea Emelife. The exhibition serves as a reflection on Boafo’s practice and his associations with home, community and an expansive art history with work from recent years. With representations of key elements of his work – such as representations of the Black figure, pattern transfer, investigations into interior scenes and deeply textured and uniques renderings of the skin, the show presents an abridged history of Boafo’s artistic interests and signature style, presented for the first time in his hometown of Accra. The exhibition focuses on previously unseen works from Boafo’s personal archive. Thus, with this exhibition, Boafo shares the legacy of his pioneering work to the community in Ghana whilst also allowing further curiosity into the references and ideas central to his practice. Aindrea Emelife, the curator of the show, elaborates:



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