Netsa Art Village, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
17 Jul 2013

After WAX:AND:GOLD: – a workshop of freedom of artistic expression – took place at Netsa Art Villlage from 08 July until 17 July there will be a final Touring Exhibition around Addis Abeba.

Wax and Gold, a project developed and designed by Netsa Art village and funded by the Prince Claus Fund, is designed to merge and accommodate the Historical ‘Wax and Gold’, an approach which is an undercover way of communication, a strong expression in Ethiopian literature called “Qinie” a system where people pass the main message, the ‘Gold’ covered with the ‘Wax’.

Five artists, Boniface Mwangi (Kenyan Artist/Activist), Jelili Atiku (Nigerian Artist/Activist), Peterson Kamawathi (Kenyan Artist/Activist), Zenzele Chulu (Zambian Artist/Activist), Ayman Ramadan (Egyptian Artist/Activist) present, share experience and produce a work of art with Ethiopian artistswith a following collective exhibition as a final output of the Workshop. All the projects are exhibited at Alle School of Fine Arts and Design Gallery. There will be a tour for the live Art Practices of the Participants of the workshop in the City of Addis Abeba. Simultaneously, a site-specific project, an election box will offer people to write down their feelings and experiences.