The Artists Canvas

Affinity Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria
05 Dec 2021 - 30 Jan 2022

Isaac Emokpae, A King’s Dilemma 2021, Gold/gilding paint on canvas, 52 x 40 inches.

Affinity Art Gallery presents ‘The Artists Canvas’ a collective show presenting works of modern artists including Muraina Oyelami, Rufus Ogundele, Samuel Ovraiti, Amos Odion, Emmanuel Ekong Ekefrey, mid-level career artists, Isaac Emokpae, Kelani Abass, Alex Nwokolo, Phillips Nzekwe, Ebong Ekwere, Akachukwu Emeka, Marshall Nwauwa, and contemporary artist Anne Adams.

This amalgamation of works exhibited creates a cross-section of generations that draws a bridge with the past and present, expressively incorporating raw materials, all with a solid foundation. The collective show references the lineage of African artists, attempting to evoke memories of culture and contemporary archives using layers of complex traditions solidified through years of artists’ practice. This fragmented narrative tells a story of resilience and growth and suggests hidden worlds with the now-historical visual vocabulary of the artists.