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Research as Practice: A Dialogue between Rianna Jade Parker and Jessica Lynne

Amant Foundation, Brooklyn, New York, United States
02 Jun 2022

War Inna Babylon: The Community's Search for Truths and Rights, curated by Tottenham Rights alongside independent curators Rianna Jade Parker and Kamara Scott at ICA London (2021). Exhibition Design: Abi Wright. Photo credit: Mark Blower

Amant’s current resident Rianna Jade Parker prepares a display with reference materials and converses with NY-based writer Jessica Lynne.

Rianna Jade Parker brings together a collection of materials, from books, magazines, photographs, prints, posters, to video essays. Amidst this curated display of material and artistic references, Rianna talks about research as practice with New York-based writer Jessica Lynne.

Rianna Jade Parker’s practice-based research is informed by original principal questions and concerns in relation to Black feminist thought, Black/Caribbean studies, and underwritten art histories. Her investigations are exploratory and embedded in a creative practice that is as integral as the traditional scholarship undertaken. Through rigorous analysis of archival and primary sources, Rianna contests and concurs with canonical accounts to acknowledge the significant gaps in our knowledge of Black cultural production.

Typically, Rianna demonstrates her findings and makings in a direct and intimate sphere for critical reflection through artistic outcomes such as moving images, photography, digital media, printed matter, and exhibitions. Over the last five years, her self-initiated practice has been sustained, at times with and without: widened access to depositories/archives, support for independent workers and a small but dedicated circle of peers.

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