Arts Collaboratory, The Hague, Netherlands
09 Oct 2014


Arts Collaboratory invites independent visual arts organisations from Africa, Asia and Latin-America that focus on research about societal issues, facilitating relationships and the development of new perspectives on social, economic and/or climate issues, to propose a project for support.

The Project Fund for Social Innovation is a long term support for independent visual arts organizations focusing on collaborative art practices and social innovation

Rationale of social innovation project fund

Culture is a potential driving force or trigger in processes of social innovation. In current contemporary arts practice the role of artists and arts’ organisations as agents of change is getting more recognized. Artistic practice is further developing and increasingly focuses on researching and addressing societal issues, facilitating relationships and the development of new perspectives. At the same time, and linked to the above, organisational philosophies are changing in and outside the art world. There is an increased development of horizontal platforms and network-organisations that take a more collaborative stand or define themselves as ‘relational’.

Hivos and DOEN believe in the the potential of artists to question what often might seem unquestionable truths or status quo. Culture can potentially be a driving force or trigger in processes of social innovation. This type of innovation aims at challenging and changing the social interaction of people, and their interaction to their environment. It triggers innovation that does not decide on or define the whole process of change, but is the starting point of it. Equally important is the potential artistic processes have to include and facilitate relations with the people that are affected by this change both in the setup and process of change. And thus, enlarging the possibility that this change is meaningful and becomes sustainable. For artists to be able to take this role fully, it is crucial to have high quality artistic capabilities to develop the creative process, include people, connect and innovate artistic languages and finally develop processes and artworks people can relate to, but that also bring new perspectives or thoughts.


Amount of funding

The Project Fund for Social Innovation consists of project focused contributions with a maximum of €15.000 per project.


?Proposals from organisations based in Africa, Asia, or Latin-America are strongly preferred;

?Proposals through ‘Western’ partners will not be ruled out, however close involvement from a local partner is essential;

?Proposals that are Western-driven will not be accepted;

?Proposals for the benefit of individuals will not be accepted.


Organisations interested in this fund can apply throughout the year, taking into account that only a limited number of projects can be supported. Decisions will be made during the Arts Collaboratory Steering Committee meetings with Hivos and DOEN representatives that will take place every three months. Application material must arrive by the following deadline dates.

2014 Deadlines

January 23
April 17
July 31
October 9

Application should be no longer than 6 pages (budget excluded).

The projects will be judged on the following aspects:

?Artistic quality of research and/or output;

?What social innovation or new perspectives does the project aim to develop? For example: a new perspective on a specific social, cultural, economic, ecological or political issue, a new and creative approach to problems defined in the proposal; a radical rethink of a current approach; development of new (social or collaborative) artistic practices, establishment of new forms of co-creation between artists and other actors in society;

?Approach: how is the research/project set-up, in which way are co-operations between artists and/or with individuals/groups/organisations from other sectors/ communities organized;

?Feasibility: relevance, probability of successful implementation, financial viability and sustainability of impact.
Download the application form here