Mathaf – Arab Museum of Modern Art: Exhibitions and publications Spring/summer 2014

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, Qatar
20 May 2014

Mathaf – Arab Museum of Modern Art: Exhibitions and publications Spring/summer 2014

Etel Adnan in Yosemite Valley, May 1982. Photo © Simone Fattal.

Etel Adnan In All Her Dimensions, exhibition catalogue

Essays and contributions by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Daniel Birnbaum, Simone Fattal, Janah Hilwé and Kaelen Wilson-Goldie Published by Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art & Skira Editore

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art is pleased to announce the publication of the catalogue Etel Adnan In All Her Dimensions, published in conjunction with the artist’s exhibition of the same name on view at Mathaf until July 6. Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, the exhibition presents Etel Adnan’s drawings, leporellos, tapestries, writings, and films from the 1960s onwards to reflect 11 dimensions, mediums, topics, and periods from the works of this renowned Arab-American writer and visual artist. Similarly exploring the multiplicity of Adnan’s practice, the publication shares a number of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s interviews with Adnan alongside essays written by Daniel Birnbaum (Director, Moderna Museet, Stockholm), Simone Fattal (artist and Founder, Post-Apollo Press), Janah Hilwé (artist), and Kaelen Wilson-Goldie (writer and critic), selected for their unique relationship to Adnan’s work.


Mona Hatoum: Turbulence
February 7–May 18
Ground Floor Galleries

The exhibition Mona Hatoum:Turbulence, curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, brings to the forefront the diversity of Mona Hatoum’s work over the last 30 years. Presenting a non-chronological trajectory, a number of unexpected juxtapositions echo the complexity through which the artist has managed to challenge, and at times disturb, our experience of the ordinary. Consisting of more than 70 works, Mona Hatoum: Turbulence is the artist’s largest solo exhibition to date in the Arab world. A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition. The exhibition closes on May 18.


Ghadah Alkandari
The closest I’ve ever come to a scientific experiment
Residency and exhibition, April 8–June 7
Project Space, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

In the worlds created by Ghadah Alkandari lives one character. Her several clones drone in a timeless space. They live with or without anything and everything, borrowing their body parts from or losing them to all objects and creatures. In this project, curated by Ala Younis, Alkandari migrates objects from her drawings into the real space of the room; objects that upset the norms of exhibition experience, requiring the body of the viewer to adjust or deform in order for these objects to function.


Student art exhibition: Black and White
May 24–June 26

Black and White is Mathaf’s second annual student art exhibition celebrating the achievements of 365 young artists made by students from ages 5 to 18. Curated by a group of students from the American School of Doha, the works in the exhibition are selected from submissions to an art competition open to schools across Qatar.

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art was founded in 2010 on the collection of H.E. Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed Al Thani, holding over 7,000 works collected from around the world over the past 25 years. The collection emphasizes artistic trends and sites of production of modern art. Mathaf organizes major exhibitions, both historical and experimental, and large-scale education programs.


Directed by Abdellah Karroum since 2013, Mathaf is expanding its diverse exhibitions, artist residencies, talks, encounters, production, publications, and collection initiatives. These include the introduction of Mathaf’s Project Space and Curatorial Dialogues. At the same time, Mathaf is developing new education, research, and publication programs to connect the museum with universities. Mathaf will host the CIMAM Annual Conference from 9 to 11 November.

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha is a Qatar Museum’s Authority museum. QMA is led by H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

Mathaf’s building and infrastructure are supported by Qatar Foundation. QF is led by HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

Mathaf is located in a converted school building in Education City – Qatar Foundation, off Al-Luqta Street, in Doha. Free guided tours take place every Saturday at noon and 4pm.
Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
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