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InShadow – International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies

InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies, Lisboa, Portugal
31 May 2015

InShadow – International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies

InShadow – International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies will take place in December 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.

InShadow seeks, within the world of imagination, the exchange and dialogue between different cultures, experiences, methods, visions, knowledge and affections, defining itself as a deep and subtle observatory on the duals thought/action and creativity/innovation. InShadow is a festival that promotes the encounter of languages used within video/cinema and dance/performance. It uses narrations that reflect, investigate and present solutions for a cinechoreographic way of thinking, in which the technical and aesthetic relations between experimental tendencies and the use of technologies can be explored.

Applications are open in the areas of Video Dance, Documentary, Performance, Installation and, also this year, applications in the area of Animation and 1minute Video-Dance.

The submission deadline for InShadow is May 31st 2015.



Video Dance _ the films will be selected according to: creativity, experimentation, theme, narrative and image, sound and editing quality. The work must show as its primary concern the creation of a choreography/dance/movement.

This includes video based on movement and experimental videos.

Documentary _ the films may be a portrait about the life or work of a choreographer or dance company, one aspect of dance history, artistic creation processes, etc.
Full recordings of stage choreographies will not be included.

Animation _ the films should address an audience of children and youngsters (5 to 15 years old) and will be selected according to: creativity, experimentation, theme, narratives and image, sound and editing quality. The main concern of the film should be the creation of movement through a choreographic proposal.

The use of every kind of recording devices/materials will be accepted.


1 minute video dance _ the films will be selected according to: creativity, experimentation, theme, narrative and image, sound and editing quality. The main focus of the work should lie on the creation of choreography/dance/movement without exceeding 60 seconds, plus credits.

The use of all kinds of recording devices including video and photo camera, smartphones, iPads, etc. will be accepted, with quality to be projected.


The performance (preferably a solo) should be original and propose a relation between body and technologies, sound and image, starting from interactive devices with which the performer assumes an ingenious and exploratory relation.


Eligible formats can be sculptures, videos (single or multi channel, prepared/conceived to be screened on loop), interactive objects (proposing the exploration of innovative interfaces of the relation with the artistic object), sound research and might as well include performance.




eligible for taking part in International Competition: Video dance _ maximum length 20’
Documentary _ without time limit, 30’ as reference length Animation _ maximum length 10’

All awarded films within the International competition as well as those selected by the Artistic Direction, will be integrated in the InShadow Extension’s screening sessions that will be held all along the following year within various festivals as well as national and international cultural spaces.

ALL films taking part in the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION are obliged to have:
> 3 seconds of black at the beginning and the end of the film
> the format 1920×1080, codec: H264 or Prores 422
> bitrate 18 mb/s
> stereo sound
> PAL system


eligible to take part in National Competition:

1 minute video dance _ the film must have no credits, no names of artists. The length shall not exceed the limit of 60 seconds, this being a criterion for exclusion. However, as YouTube is adding the time of the blacks to the videos’ total length, this is not a reason for disqualification as far as the film’s exact duration (without counting in the blacks) is 60 seconds.

No remuneration will be provided for the exhibition of the films within the International and National Competition, except for the awarded artists.


complete registration of the work through an online link (see inscription form – point 17


indication of a link towards photographs or any other audiovisual records which reveal the work’s scheme and devices within the exhibition’s context.

–  The submission to the Festival is free of charge. 

–  The work can be submitted by any person or entity on behalf of the copyright’s holder. The author(s)/copyrights holder screening permission to the Festival and extensions must be stated at the entry form, by signing a declaration contained therein.

–  Each applicant is limited to submit 3 works per edition, exceptions are made for distributors, production companies or agencies which are not limited by any number of works. In the case of performances, exhibitions and installations, any number of works can be submitted.

–  The submission must be done online until June 15th 2015 with the submission form 

–  For each applicant’s work the following materials should be submitted:

2 photos of the work with 15cm horizontal length (preferably) with a resolution of 300dpi, format TIFF or JPEG;

1 photo of the director/author;

 Scanned handwritten signature as it appears on the identity card/passport (as requested at the end of the entry form).

The work has to be send through an online link – obligatory element.

A copy with English subtitles must be sent for all selected works, unless the original language is

In the case of performances, it is mandatory to send a copy of the IDs of all artistic elements intervening in the work.

All send materials will not be returned and will be integrated into Vo’Arte’s archives.



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