Tyler Mitchell: Domestic Imaginaries

SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, United States
21 Aug 2023 - 31 Dec 2023

Tyler Mitchell, Domestic Imaginaries, 2023. Courtesy of SCAD Museum of Art

Tyler Mitchell, Domestic Imaginaries, 2023. Courtesy of SCAD Museum of Art

In his most ambitious exhibition to date, Tyler Mitchell displays photographs innovatively printed on textiles in an immersive, laundry line installation alongside new altar sculptures. Strung from a zig-zagging clothesline, Threads of Memory is Mitchell’s latest iteration of the iconic form, stretching nearly 300 feet along the unique gallery space and framing its historic 1850s Savannah Gray brick archways.

The hanging textile prints depict pastoral scenes and Black bodies, drawing inspiration from Gordon Parks’ photography and the landscape of the southeastern U.S., where Mitchell was born and raised. Complementing this dramatic, enveloping experience, Mitchell’s sculptures reference historic domestic objects with subtle alterations and embedded photographs, evoking memory and belonging in ways that are deeply personal. The exhibition’s poetic nature articulates a sensitivity and attentiveness to the quieter moments of life and the potential for beauty and transformation in things that may otherwise seem ordinary. Combining installation, sculpture, and photography, the artist invites us to consider our own relationship to the image, our environments, and each other.




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