Call for proposals

The Others Art Fair 2023

Pavilion 3 of Torino Esposizioni, Torino, Italy
Deadline: 23 September 2023

Courtesy of The Others Art Fair.

Courtesy of The Others Art Fair.

With the aim of encouraging curatorial research The Others Art Fair promotes, for the second year in a row, a format that provides 3 deserving young curators (under 30) or curatorial collective the possibility to present a Curatorial Project for The Others 2023. The Others is a platform dedicated to emerging art, an international stage where the critical debate between different realities is enhanced.

The Curator should get in touch with an Exhibition Space and build a curatorial project with it, strengthening the synergistic cooperation between curator and exhibitor. Three selected Curators will receive a prize of 1.000 €, while the Exhibition Space will have a free booth at The Others, in Pavilion 3 – Torino Esposizioni, where the Curatorial Project will be presented.

roposals are evaluated on merit of project, singularity of concept, and adherence to the application guidelines.
Deadline for submission of Proposals: September, 23rd
For more information:
Application Form

The CALL is open to all curators under 30. The CALL is open to proposals by a single curator or by a Curatorial Collective. In case of Curatorial Collective, all members must be under 30. The Exhibition Space must be based abroad Italy, and it must be its first participation at The Others.

• Proposals must be conceptually rigorous and focus on artists, projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging.
• Extra consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate a creative approach to curatorial research methods and the exhibition plan, as well as those that present ideas or topics that are not well-represented in the commercial sector.
• The proposal must include no more than three artists.
• Curators may not include their own work in the exhibition.
The Others strongly encourages applications that contribute to our ongoing commitment to diversity.
• The strongest proposals are those that are flexible and have room for growth—as such, a proposed exhibition that has already been shown elsewhere will not be considered as strong an exhibition as one in which the curator is seeking to build upon previous work.

• Four days exhibition at The Others Art Fair, Pavilion 3 – Torino Esposizioni
• Curatorial support/mentoring from The Others Curatorial Board
• Opportunities to develop related public programming (one talk in our WEB TV)
• 1.000 € Prize
• 8 sqm free booth
• Press materials and PR support
• Presence in the catalogue and on the Fair website

The Others 2023 is located in Pavilion 3 of Torino Esposizioni, the former exhibition complex of the City, built by Ettore Sottsass senior in 1938. Pavilion 3, designed by Pier Luigi Nervi in 1950, is located in Via Petrarca 39/B, in San Salvario district, inside the historic Parco del Valentino.
Exhibition Space: 8 linear meters (a back wall of 4m and two side walls of 2m) and 12sqm surface area.
The walls of the exhibition space are made of white painted honeycomb wood panels (h. 300 cm – width 100 cm each).
Equipment of the exhibition space: 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 wastepaper bin, 1 electrical socket, 3 LED spotlights 50W each.

After applications are screened for eligibility, The Others Curatorial Board will select a shortlist of 7 applicants. Only the first 3 curators will be able to present their project at The Others 2022.

The other 4 will be contacted if one of the 3 winners withdraws. All applicants will be notified of results by 29 September 2023. The Projects presented will be selected by the Curatorial Board of The Others, led by Lorenzo Bruni, art critic and curator, and composed by Daniela Grabrosch, founder and editor in chief of YYYYMMDD and curator, Lýdia Pribišová, art historian and curator.

The documents must be sent to:
• Title of The Exhibition
• Short synopsis of proposed project – up to 60 words
• Curatorial Concept (detailed exhibition proposal) – up to 1500 words
• Background of the Proposal Exhibition (a short explanation of why this project, why you
think you should have an exhibition at The Others and what this opportunity would mean
to you at this point in your career) – up to 1500 words
• Exhibition Lay-out (provide a clear lay-out of the Exhibition and provide brief
notes/description of all its elements)
• List of participating artists and short bios for each
• Curator/Curatorial Collective’s CV
• Exhibitor’s CV

• Work samples – IMAGES:
Upload at least one image per artist (up to 15 images total). Images must be submitted as
JPEG, PNG, or PDFs, with filenames formatted as: ARTISTLASTNAME_1.jpeg. We recommend images that are 300dpi.
A detailed work sample list formatted as follows:
– Filename (eg. ARTISTLASTNAME_1.jpg)
– Artist name, artwork title, year, medium, dimensions – Any additional description

• Work samples – VIDEO/AUDIO: If applicable, please provide URL links for video and time-based work. Vimeo is preferred for video. Soundcloud is preferred for audio. Please note: Video/audio samples exceeding 3 minutes may not be viewed in their entirety. For longer pieces we recommend creating an excerpt or providing a cue point in the notes.
Include the following information:
– Password (if applicable)
– Artist name, artwork title, year, duration
– Any additional description

All applications submitted will be considered final and treated as such. Applicants will not be permitted to add to or edit an application once it has been submitted. All incomplete or duplicate applications will be disqualified.


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