The Heterogenous Voice Of Tracey Rose: In conversation with Natasha Becker

Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
09 Jul 2015

The Heterogenous Voice Of Tracey Rose: In conversation with Natasha Becker

Tracey Rose, The Black Paintings: Dead White Man, 2012 (installation view)

Goodman Gallery is hosting a conversation between acclaimed performance artist Tracey Rose and curator Natasha Becker, as part of the exhibition Speaking Back.

Thursday 9 July at 18h00 @ Goodman Gallery Cape Town

In contexts designed to deny women speaking positions, how is a woman to speak as subject, to affirm, to discover, and insist upon her own identity, as artist and as woman? Tracey Rose shows an intrinsic understanding of culture and representation, reached through her own feminist consciousness-raising and political acumen. For more than two decades Rose has used the condition of her own life to deconstruct oppressive discourses, systems, and institutions through multiple, complex performance art strategies. Speaking from a position of intense intimacy, Rose emphasizes personal experience, employs emotional material, and strives to close the distance between artist and audience. By challenging the very mechanisms of representation, Rose begins to argue against it, and begins to put forward an alternate discourse which shuns traditional hierarchies built on knowledge and power. 

The exhibition Speaking Back seeks to make space – conceptually and physically – for women artists, and to bring forward the singularity of each and the variations in their specific symbolic capacities. Please join us.

In addition to Tracey Rose’s video piece The Black Paintings: Dead White Man, Speaking Back also features work by ruby onyinyechi amanze, Ghada Amer, Candice Breitz, Virginia Chihota, Ivy Chemutai Ng’ok, Otobong Nkanga, Nkiru Oparah, Adejoke Tugbiyele, Mickalene Thomas, Kara Walker, and Arlene Wandera.

(The exhibition has been extended to July 18, 2015)


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