Symbiotic Agencies

Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, Germany
15 Mar 2021 - 02 May 2021

Still from

Still from "Emergence (Episode 3)" by The Institute of Queer Ecology

Could we address the ecological crisis by shifting our perspective on non-human life forms and imagining new interspecies collaborations?

“Symbiotic Agencies” is a group exhibition that deals with the dynamic relationships between art, technology, nature, and humankind. The artists and collectives address the current state of civilization, examining our connection with other living organisms, as well as artificial intelligence. Working across video, photography, sculpture, and painting, they each observe our attitudes and approaches to the planet’s material resources, and the associated privileges and hierarchies they provoke. The exhibition conceptualizes fantastical beings, bold visions of the future, and alternative ways of thinking in order to imagine potential developments in the Anthropocene.

“Symbiotic Agencies” is part of 3hd festival, programmed by Creamcake. The sixth edition is growing into a queer-feminist biotope. In times of climate crisis and pandemic, 3hd 2020: “UNHUMANITY” realizes a decentralized structure, which connects international initiatives and online contributions to a neural network with a node in Berlin.

With Claude Eigan & Johann Besse, Yein Lee, Sean-Kierre Lyons, Sandra Mujinga, Timur Si-Qin, Jenna Sutela, The Institute of Queer Ecology, The Mycological Twist


Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am – 8pm

Telephone registration (after March 15): +49 30 56823939

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Bureau des arts plastiques, the Institut français and the french Ministry of Culture.






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