Smiljan Radic’s Serpentine Pavilion Opens

Serpentine Gallery, London, United Kingdom
26 Jun 2014 - 19 Oct 2014

Smiljan Radic’s Serpentine Pavilion Opens

© 2014 Iwan Baan

Chilean architect Smiljan Radi? has designed the 2014 Serpentine Pavilion which opened on 26 June. Radi? is the fourteenth architect to accept the invitation to design a temporary Pavilion outside the entrance to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens.

This work has its roots in the architect’s earlier work, particularly The Castle of the Selfish Giant, inspired by the Oscar Wilde story and the Restaurant Mestizo – part of which is supported by large boulders. The 2014 Pavilion is designed as a flexible, multi-purpose social space with a café sited inside. Visitors will be encouraged to enter and interact with the Pavilion in different ways throughout its four month tenure in the Park.

On selected Friday nights, between July and September, the Pavilion will become the stage for the Galleries’ Park Nights series, sponsored by COS: eight site-specific events bringing together art, poetry, music, film, literature and theory and including three new commissions by emerging artists Lina Lapelyte, Hannah Perry and Heather Phillipson.

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