Shout Plenty – Group Show

African Artists’ Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria
13 Aug 2022 - 01 Oct 2022

Jean David Nkot,
Po.box.a break is needed.com
, 2019,
Courtesy of
African Artists' Foundation

Jean David Nkot, Po.box.a break is needed.com , 2019, Courtesy of African Artists' Foundation

The African Artists’ Foundation announces Shout Plenty as part of their 2022 fall program. Shout Plenty on view from August 13 – October 1, 2022, is a group exhibition featuring over 30 artists from across Africa, taking place at the AAF headquarters in Lagos in collaboration with Alliance Française.

Participating artists:
Blackson Afonso (Portugal) | Sarfo Emmanuel Annor (Ghana) | Kingsley Ayogu (Nigeria) | Nola Ayoola (Nigeria) | Samson Bakare (Nigeria) | Patrick Bongoy (Congo/South Africa) | Audrey D’Erneville (Senegal/USA) | Olatoye David (Nigeria) | Dodji Efoui (Togo) | Matthew Eguaveon (Nigeria) | Ugochukwu Emebiriodo (Nigeria) | Wasiu Eshinlokun (Nigeria) | Dan Halter (Zimbabwe) | Chisom Ikeorah “Chi Fada” (Nigeria) | Isshaq Ismail (Ghana) | Matt Kayem (Uganda) | Lindokuhle Khumalo (South Africa) | Zemba Luzamba (Congo/South Africa) | John Madu (Nigeria) | Cinthia Sifa Mulanga (Congo/South Africa) | Nkemka Chinaza (Nigeria) | Jean David Nkot (Cameroon) | Johnson Ocheja (Nigeria) | Emma Odumade (Nigeria) | Adaeze Okaro (Nigeria) | Precious Opara (Nigeria/UK) | Esther Onwukamuche (Nigeria) | Sandra Seghir (Senegal) | Pierre Segoh (Togo) | Kenechukwu Victor (Nigeria) | Adesola Yusuf (Nigeria).

The group exhibition nurtures a dialogue between the individual experience and collective memory as a means of problem-solving generational distress. Seeking to build a story interwoven with distinctive voices, the curators gathered artists across different mediums to deliver a unifying message that nevertheless gives value to individual realities. Taking its name from the revolutionary and provocative Fela Kuti’s 1986 LP I Go Shout Plenty, the exhibition similarly challenges collective struggles through the experience of artmaking and interventions. Pondering the various ways freedom and voice echo through a collective experience, Shout Plenty gives agency to the interior lives of multiple artists, and by extension their communities, crafting a powerful means of protest. Alongside imagination and creative thinking, these artistic interventions produce a unique representation and understanding of socio-political shortcomings of generations. With artists such as Ayogu Kingsley, Isshaq Ismail and Audrey d’Erneville and more, the exhibition studies how art can function as a powerful and revolutionary force to challenge institutionalized systems of control.




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