Serge Alain Nitegeka: Black Encounters

Stevenson, Johannesburg, South Africa
19 Sep 2020 - 17 Oct 2020

Serge Alain Nitegeka, Colour and Form LXIII (Detail), 2018. Paint on wood, 122 x 245cm

STEVENSON Johannesburg presents Black Encounters, a solo exhibition by Serge Alain Nitegeka.

In the artist’s previous exhibitions, abstracted forms and charged interplays of line and colour were employed to explore the possibilities of Black as a pictorial shade, a philosophical premise and an embodiment. For Black Encounters, Nitegeka deepens the recent shifts in his image repertoire towards figuration. Through paintings, installation and a sound piece in which Nitegeka reads an excerpt from his journal, the artist offers a close look at the bodily toll of movement and the mental consequences of the pursuit of refuge. He writes:

“In Black Encounters I continue to explore intimate experiences of forced migration; from the makings of abrupt travel and temporary dwellings to new physical and psychological encounters that emerge as a result. I will be stringing together narratives of displacement borrowed from personal experiences and those of refugees and asylum seekers from in and around Central Africa.”

The exhibition is viewable by appointment. Send an e-mail to to book a visit.


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