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Seeking Curator of Fine Arts

The Museum of Art and History, Geneva, Switzerland
Deadline: 27 October 2023

Geneve, septembre-octobre 2021. Photos du Musee d Art et d Histoire (MAH), boulevard des tranchées. © Magali Girardin / Ville Genève

Geneve, septembre-octobre 2021. Photos du Musee d Art et d Histoire (MAH), boulevard des tranchées. © Magali Girardin / Ville Genève

The Museum of Art and History of Geneva (MAH) is one of Europe’s foremost encyclopædic cultural institutions. Its collection encompasses a span of fifteen thousand years and includes over half a million objects in realms ranging from archæology, painting, sculpture, works on paper, coins, furniture, and articles of daily life, as well as timepieces and jewellery.

Over the last years, the museum has engaged in a comprehensive program of strategic review and transformation. This project has led to the revitalisation of its vision, mission, and values. The MAH’s long-term goal is to become a dynamic beacon of culture for Geneva and its region, as well as an internationally recognised laboratory for envisioning and advancing the role of the museum in the twenty-first century. To achieve this objective, the MAH is exploring how best to realise its full potential to connect people, fostering an array of creative expressions through exhibition spaces and media over time. It continues to actively pursue the expansion and renovation project that is currently underway.

The MAH is looking for a curator of fine arts (full time).

Mission, primary duties and responsibilities
Reporting to the chief of the conservation and valorisation unit, you will define the scientific objectives relative to the fine arts collection and oversee all activities pertaining to the patrimonial mission, particularly study, enhancement, valorisation and growth.

Working within these guidelines, you will suggest research projects with appropriate partners, organise conferences, and develop relationships with other cultural institutions in Switzerland and abroad. With transversality in mind, you will also promote this cultural heritage through publications, temporary exhibitions, and renewed and appealing contributions to the museum’s exhibition rooms. You will also enhance the collection’s visibility by proposing structured partnerships with institutions operating in historical and scientific domains on a local, national, and international level. As a senior manager, you will provide optimal leadership and exemplary working conditions for the staff reporting to you.

Desired background
Education: Holder of a university diploma in art history (master’s degree), you will demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge in this domain. Further education in museology and/or cultural management is a plus.

Prerequisite: five years’ prior experience in a comparable position in a museum of art and history, demonstrating substantial expertise in major project management and team management. Applicant should be familiar with public and private patrimonial institutions and collections and have an extensive peer network in relevant national and international circles.

Professional, personal and social skills
Good knowledge in the areas of museology and cultural interpretation. Mastery of spoken and written French and English, with a thorough knowledge of German. Ability to design and integrate an innovative and experimental narrative for a broad audience during a museum visit. Dynamic and pragmatic leadership, motivating, supervising, and empowering staff members by setting unifying goals and priorities.

Encouragement of teamwork, facilitating exemplary collaboration and interaction with multidisciplinary teams and partners from all backgrounds. Capacity to handle stressful situations.

Conditions relating to the position
You will reside within the Canton of Geneva or within the authorised residential area.

Apply before October 27, 2023:

The function is classified within category N of the salary scale.


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