Ruann Coleman & Wallen Mapondera

SMAC Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
27 May 2017 - 01 Jul 2017

Ruann Coleman 3-1, 2016, American Walnut and Enamel, 62 x 85 x 7 cm

Ruann Coleman 3-1, 2016, American Walnut and Enamel, 62 x 85 x 7 cm

Two solo exhibitions are opening in Cape Town: Ruann Coleman Certain Lengths & Wallen Mapondera Tsananguro / Clarifications.


Ruann Coleman was born in 1988 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He obtained a Masters of Fine Art in 2014 from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, prior to which he completed a Bachelor of Fine Art, from the same institution in 2012. Ruann Coleman’s artistic practice is based on play, impromptu juxtapositions, experiment, chance and the serendipity of random accident. Mostly free-standing, un-monumental, process-related and at times, in formation, his sculptures combine and amalgamate organic and inorganic found materials such as wood, metal, tape or glass, establishing a rapport with an array of post-minimal practices. Conceptually, his work pivots around the materials of his found objects, their weight, scale, form and balance.


Wallen Mapondera was born in 1985. He is a full time artist who lives and works in Zimbabwe. Through socio-political symbolism of animals, and their disposition to explore human form of power structures in which power rests with a small number of people. To present his case, the visual templates he uses suggests human characteristics for animals or inanimate things as well as relating to, or being a deity conceived of in animal form or with animal attributes. The pleasant and beneficial in nature or influential power of animals to teach, question and affirm us is explored in our daily relationships with them. He juggle sensitive current theme such as the absolute power lust of human beings over their kin and also over animal beings. African cultural psychology in relation to animals is also a dominant thread that weaves these ideas together.

SMAC Gallery Cape Town
1st Floor, The Palms
145 Sir Lowry Road



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