Priscila Rezendes : Nau Frágil

Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin, Germany
01 Dec 2019 - 02 Dec 2019

©Adam Ciereszko

©Adam Ciereszko

Nau Frágil, Priscila Rezendes controversial performance installation, comes to Germany, to Berlin, for the first time as part of the festival Postcolonial Poly Perspectives. Nau Frágil: Priscila Rezende stands next to a boat full of roses. White roses form the thorny edge. They are surrounded by barbed wire.

In Nau Frágil Priscila Rezendes draws parallels between past and present histories, pointing out continuities. Deprivation of liberty, prisons, concentration camps or geographical borders – in the barbed wire the border manifests itself, its meaning, undeniable and absolute. The audience is invited to reflect on the bodies, to reflect on their relationship with these bodies that were captured or perished between the continents while seeking refuge.

Priscila Rezende is an interdisciplinary artist. In performances, installations and photography she engages with race, identity, participation, representation and the presence of Black individuals, especially Black women in contemporary society. Starting out from her own experience as a Black Latin American woman, she exposes imposed limitations, discrimination and stereotypes in her performances, seeking to establish a direct and clear dialogue with the audience. She pushes us out of our comfort zone, making us question pre-established certainties.

The performance-installation Nau Frágil by Priscila Rezende will be shown for the first time in Germany as part of the festival Postcolonial Poly Perspectives.


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