Patricia Encarnación: Confluence – Endezo

CasCaDas Artspace, Barcelona, Spain
11 Oct 2023 - 05 Nov 2023

Patricia Encarnación, Endeso Still (detail), 2023.

Patricia Encarnación, Endeso Still (detail), 2023.

Confluence is a curatorial project by Tsering Frykman-Glen in collaboration with CasCaDas Artspace. A confluence is where waters from two or more sources come together. This mixing of moving bodies can alter pace, energy, and chemistry. This place where liquids and sediments gather, mingle, and flow on, is a transitional in-between space. It is here where elements converge, intersect, and negotiate.

Cross-fertilising and emerging as something new and of its own, yet always connected to its source. Unstable and fluctuating, it is a place filled with uncertainty but also filled with endless possibilities.

Within the context of this art project, the window at CasCaDas Artspace represents the point of confluence where the artspace (located behind it) and the street (situated in front of it) come together. This is also reflected in the project, the artist and their work, and the physical space itself. The first in this series of site responsive projects is Endezo by Patricia Encarnación.

October 11th to November 1st, an evening with the artist on October 19th. CasCaDas Artspace, Carrer del Bisbe Laguarda, 16, 08001 Barcelona

Endezo by Patricia Encarnación

Endezo represents the idea of living between two waters encapsulated in a single word, which conveys a sense of beauty and complexity. Scholar Jerry Philogene has articulated the significance of living in endezo as the experience of occupying an in- between space, analogous to a hyphen, wherein negotiations take place. One could question whether the diaspora is situated on the other side of the hyphen or if the hyphen itself embodies the in-between space. Irrespective of the diaspora’s positional location, the motherland exists on the other side of the sentence, emphasising its distinctness from the in-between space.

This concept of Endezo in Haitian Kreyòl and the notion of an in-between space offer valuable insights into the experiences of the diaspora, shedding light on the complexities and negotiations involved in navigating multiple cultural and societal contexts.




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