MTINDO Rebranding Africa

Diehl Cube Gallery, Berlin, Germany
29 Oct 2016 - 07 Nov 2016

MTINDO Rebranding Africa

Daniele Tamagni: Trend Movers, Copyright: FA254

The word MTINDO means “style” in Swahili, and yet “movement”. This photographic project is the expression of the movement Rebranding Africa.

In MTINDO Rebranding Africa, Kenyan born Waridi Schrobsdorff and award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni capture a new young generation of creative minds – so-called “style movers”.

From musicians to artists and filmmakers, the aim of this photographic project is to present to the rest of the world the power and the diversity of avant-garde creatives from the African continent. Hundreds of young talents in all fields of the arts are now contributing to the “future of Africa”, which is now, giving remarkable vibes to the local, national and international  scenes.

Curated by Reiner Opoku, the exhibition at Diehl Cube Gallery will feature a distinct selection of images taken from the book MTINDO, which is published by Skira and exclusively launched on the occasion of the exhibition.


Opening of the exhibition and book launch at Diehl Cube Gallery at 7pm on October 28.




Daniele Tamagni, an Italian photographer, trained as an architect before travelling worldwide to document colourful fashion subcultures. Shooting style in locations outside of the presumed fashion contexts such as Brazzaville, Havana, Rangoon and Senegal, Tamagni seeks and finds outstanding examples of the art of expressing unique identities. In 2007 he won the Canon Young Photographer Award with a project about the Congolese dandies, Sapeurs of Brazzaville and in 2011 he won the World Press Photo in Arts & Entertainment category respectively.

Born in Kenya, Waridi Schrobsdorff has built herself a thriving career in the international fashion business. She has been working as a model for over 24 years. She moved to Berlin in 1993 and has been living there since, where she developed her passion for the arts and creative fields. As an ambassador for many charity projects, such as UNICEF and the Peter Ustinov Fondation, she is regarded as a high profile and trusted voice for Africa. As an expert in African fashion and arts and cultures she founded FA254 in 2013.


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