Mon ami n’est pas d’ici – Group Show

Institut du monde arabe-Tourcoing, Tourcoing, France
19 May 2021 - 22 Aug 2021

Crédit photo : Nada Harib

Crédit photo : Nada Harib

This exhibition, which brings together eight young African photographers, seeks to question the permanent or migrating presence of populations from sub-Saharan Africa within the countries of North Africa.

In a very open research, entrusted to the photographer Bruno Boudjelal, this exhibition seeks to arouse the emergence of stories and perspectives. These are not reports but subjective views from the heart of society. Without holding up a mirror to contemporary reality, the exhibition expresses artistic positions and the testimonies of migrants themselves. A geography emerges: Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, carried by the work of photographers for the most part exhibited for the first time in France.

Exhibition curator: Bruno Boudjelal (Algeria / France), photographer

Project participants: Salih Basheer (Sudan), Hana Gamal (Egypt), Nada Harib (Libya), Lola Khalfa (Algeria), Seif Kousmate (Morocco), Sinawi Medine (Eritrea), Malik Nejmi (Morocco / France), Abdo Shanan ( Algeria)





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