Mederic Turay: Inspirational Dreams

OOA Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
21 Sep 2023 - 22 Oct 2023

Mederic TURAY, AKWABA (detail), 2023. Courtesy of OOA Gallery

Mederic TURAY, AKWABA (detail), 2023. Courtesy of OOA Gallery

Mederic Turay, born in Ivory Coast in 1979, has gained prominence as a contemporary artist. His artistic journey is marked by a fusion of influences from his childhood, upbringing in North American urban culture, and the roots of his African heritage. His passion for art began at an early age, and he has evolved into a multifaceted artist whose work spans paintings and sculptures.

His art showcases vibrant colors and intricate designs that draw viewers in. His creative process is driven by a need to fill the canvas entirely, and this instinctual approach connects his personal experiences with a broader cultural and spiritual context. Mederic’s art weaves together his African roots, urban art influences, and a fascination with the invisible world.

His paintings often feature intricate details that create a sense of interconnectedness. These details, reminiscent of a quantum universe, symbolize the hidden aspects of reality. The characters in his paintings radiate auras and exhibit powerful gazes, representing nonverbal communication that transcends time and culture.

Mederic employs various techniques, including collage and distortion of form, to create a bridge between realism and abstraction. He incorporates elements from African primal arts, such as masks and totemic figures, to convey the spiritual and supernatural dimensions of his art. His pieces serve as explorations of life, death, and consciousness, evoking a poetic and philosophical perspective on existence.

Through his creative process, Mederic Turay aims to capture the essence of life’s complexity, intertwining personal narratives and universal themes. His art is a fusion of influences, inviting viewers to explore the interplay between the visible and invisible worlds. His works pay homage to his African heritage while engaging with contemporary artistic trends.




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