Honours Curatorship 2020

Michaelis School of Fine Art at the Centre for Curating the Archive, Cape Town, South Africa
Deadline: 31 October 2019

Honours Curatorship 2020

The Honours Programme in Curatorship is offered by the Michaelis School of Fine Art and hosted by the Centre for Curating the Archive in close collaboration with Iziko Museums of Cape Town.

The programme offers courses in the theory and practice of curatorship, developing in students a sophisticated awareness of the practicalities, politics and poetics of working with collections of many kinds. Students are encouraged to bring the disciplinary insights of their undergraduate major (whether this be in the visual arts, the humanities or the sciences) to the curating of both material and virtual collections, and are offered opportunities to work on exhibitions in public spaces and in the digital realm. A major aim of this programme is to introduce students, through seminars, fieldwork and workshops, to the central skills of a curator: to understand objects and how to research them, to work with collections, convening them in exhibitions, and to collaborate with artists, mediating their production. In 2020 we will continue our special focus on object studies, and the multiple ways in which such a focus can help transform museum practice.

The course prepares students for further postgraduate study or possible work as curators, museum educators, collection managers, and for positions that require the use, interpretation, display and manipulation of collections.


A limited number of department bursaries to the value of R85k each are available. Preference will be given to designated groups. Candidates should motivate for consideration when applying.


Compulsory components:

•Critical thinking in curatorship
•Working with museum collections
•Research essay/project
•Elective courses (two required):
•Practical communication
•Virtual display
•Local issues in curatorship

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How to Apply

Applications are invited from students who have completed an undergraduate degree in the visual arts or cognate fields, including such disciplines as art history, archaeology, visual studies, history and anthropology, as well as any of the sciences where collections are important for research, or for an understanding of the history of the discipline.

Applicants must also apply online https://applyonline.uct.ac.za/

Find more information HERE or contact Contact Lyndall Cain via lyndall.cain@uct.ac.za.

Deadline: 31 October 2019




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