Biennale of Contemporary African Art: Meetings and Exchanges

various venues, Dakar, Senegal
04 May 2018 - 07 May 2018

 © Oumy Diaw

© Oumy Diaw

The Biennale of Contemporary African Art Dak’Art 2018 presents are rich programm of Meetings and Exchanges from Friday 04 to Monday 07, May 2018 including lectures, conferences and workshops with international speakers from the arts, science and politics.



Friday, May 4, 2018

Amphitheater UCAD 2 Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar


Opening ceremony



Inaugural Conference

10 am to 11:30

Moderator: Mamadou Diouf, Lecturer / Columbia University

Speaker: Simon Gikandi  : Art and African Thinking

Discussant: Souleymane Bachir Diagne


Workshop 1:
Mapping of knowledge and art policies


Moderator: Felwine Sarr, Lecturer, LSU

Manthia Diawara: Unleashing identity in contemporary African art

Emily Apter: Regioning Differences: Translation and Critical Practice

Marina Garcés: From knowledge production to the production of ignorance

Mamadou Diouf: To prevent “the boat sinks do.” Senegalese arts after Senghor



Saturday, May 5, 2018

Théodore Monod Museum of African Art

1 Place Soweto, BP 206 Dakar


Preliminary Conference

9 am to 9:45

Moderator: Alioune Badara Sall, Director of the African Future Institute

Speaker: Salah Hassan: Writing African Modernism: The Case of the Khartoum School (1945 – Present)

Discussant: Mamadou Diouf


Workshop 2:
Write the story by exposure


Moderator: Massamba Mbaye, Art Critic

Marianne Hultman  : Writing history through exhibitions: Narrative What? Who’s history?

Marisol Rodriguez  : (Refusing to) write history through exhibition-making

Bonaventure Ndikung  : Canine Wisdom for the Barking Dog / The Dog Done Gone Deaf. Exploring The Sonic Cosmologies of Halim El-Dabh

Alya Sebti: The places we are speaking from


Pause: 11h45-12h


Workshop 3
Creative work as knowledge production


Moderator: Maguèye Kassé, Lecturer, FLSH-UCAD

N’Goné Fall: The Knowledge couriers

Joanna Grabski: Producing Knowledge about Artistic Practice, Artists, and Place in Dakar

Emmanuelle Cherel: ” Deconstructing the time in a bath of fragrant roots”

Mathieu Abonnenc: Towards a pioneering journalism



Sunday, May 6, 2018

Théodore Monod Museum of African Art

1 Place Soweto, BP 206 Dakar


Preliminary Conference

9 am to 9:45

Moderator: Sidy Seck, Art critic

Speaker: Hamady Bocoum: The black Civilizations Museum

Discussant: Raphael Ndiaye


Workshop 4
Public Policy and autonomy of cultures


Moderator: Adja Mbaye Mariétou, Writer

Ntone Edjabe: Performing Pan africanism

Maureen Murphy: Postcolonial situation in filmmaking

Elizabeth Harney: Returns ethnographic exhibition recalls and the contemporary time

Lionel Manga: The archipelago of acquaintances

Clementine Deliss: Manifesto on the access rights to the colonial collections sequestered in Europe


Pause: 11h45-12


Workshop 5
Intellectual property and status of the artist

12-1:30 p.m.

Moderator: Nogaye Ndour, Teacher-Researcher / FSJP-UCAD

Aziz Dieng  : Status of the Artist and realities in regional

Aminata Faye Lo  : Involvement of the WAEMU Commission in the development of a legal and regulatory environment for literary and artistic property in the Member States of WAEMU

Cornelius Badji  : Intellectual property and status of the artist in Senegal: Looking for a lawyer



Monday, May 7, 2018

Théodore Monod Museum of African Art

1 Place Soweto, BP 206 Dakar


Preliminary Conference

9 am to 9:45

Moderator: Ousseynou Wade, Former Secretary General of the Dakar Biennial

Speaker: Adama Sanneh  : Creating Value

Discussant: Simon Njami


Workshop 6
Money, lobbying and strategy for the art market in Africa


Moderator: Kalidou Kassé, Visual Artist

Pierre Taugourdeau  : Plea for an innovative regulating an emerging art market

Jean Philippe Aka  : The explosive growth of the market for contemporary African art is it irreversible? How to take advantage of this new situation?

Sitor Senghor  :  No market without money?


Pause: 11h- 11:15


Workshop 7
FORWARD / New media promotion of contemporary African art


Moderator: Abdoulaye Koundoul, Director arts. Ministry of Culture

Alisa LaGamma: The historical challenge of creativity in Africa

Viyé Diba: The breach

Karen Milbourne: Imagining Future Partnerships: Global Platforms for Contemporary African Art and Artists



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